Industry-University Cooperation Group

Central Hub of Industry-University Cooperation to coexist with the region, Hallym University Industry-University Cooperation Group

As a dedicated organization to manage and support university-industry cooperation projects (technology development, business incubation, start-up training, talent training, technology transfer) of the university, the Industry-University Cooperation Group is striving to contribute to the development of the nation, local community, and university by strengthening R & D capacity of university and spreading the performance of government support projects.

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Performing work

To establish a systematic organization including all the processes related to industry-academia cooperation such as technology development, technology transfer, business incubation, manpower training and start-up support, the Industry-University Cooperation Group has established an Industry-University-Institute cooperation system consisting of the Technology Development Center, Business Incubation Center, Human Resources Development Center, Technology Transfer Center and Start-up Training Center.
  • Technology

    • Small & Medium Business Industry-University Cooperation Center: A project supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration
    • Center for the efficacy evaluation of food & drugs and development of functional materials (Regional Innovation Center / RIC)
    • Institute of Medical Imaging
  • Human Resource

    • Operation of BK21 Plus business
  • Technology

  • Corporate

    • Support for business troubleshooting
    • Technical guidance and consultation
    • Support and consultation for industry-university cooperation projects
    • Exploration of joint technology programs
  • 디지털헬스케어센터

    • 특성화 기반 헬스케어 연구 및 사업화
    • 국가혁신 클러스터 R&D 사업 추진
  • 4차산업혁명선도센터

    • 4차산업혁명 선도과제 발굴 및 기획
    • 국고 사업간 성과 연계 사업 기획