Research institute status

College of Liberal Arts

  • Institute of Russian Studies

  • Institute of Thanatology

  • Center for Children’s Literature and Education

  • Institute of Humanities

  • Hallym Archeology Institute

  • Hallym Philosophy Education Research Institute

  • Convergence cultural contents research lab

  • Digital Humanities Collaboratory

College of Social Science

  • Institute of International Affairs

  • Institute of Forensic Psychology

  • Institute of Law

  • Institute of Social Welfare

  • Institute of Social Survey

  • Institute of Hallym Applied Psychology

College of Business Administration

  • Institute of Economy

  • Institute of Tourism and Leisure

  • Hallym Management Institute

  • Center for Health Industry Management

College of Natural Science

  • Institute of Applied Chemistry

  • Institute of Hearing Language

  • Institute of Physical Education & Sports Science

  • Korea Nutrition Institute

  • Institute of Energy and Environment

  • Multidisciplinary Genome Institute

College of Engineering

  • Institute of Information and Electronics Engineering

  • Bio-IT Research Center

  • Smart Computing Laboratory

College of Medicine

  • Hallym Institute of Epilepsy Research

  • Research Institute of Nursing Science

  • Institute of Health Services

  • Kidney Research Institute

  • Institute of Medical Education

  • Institute of Medical Science

  • Hallym Research Institute of Clinical Epidemiology

  • Hallym Lung Center

  • Nano-Bio Regenerative Medical Institute

  • Hallym Institute of Live and Digestive iseases

  • Hallym Institute for Skeleton Aging Research

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Institute

  • Hallym University Burn Research Institute

  • Institute of Cell Differentiation and Aging

  • Institute for suicide research and student mental health

  • Hallym Neurological Institute

  • Chuncheon Translational Medical Research Center


  • Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Sciences for Convergence Medicine

  • Mind Neuro-Modulation Laboratory

  • Laboratory of New Frontier Research

  • Allergy and Clinical Immunology Research Center

College of Nursing

  • Research Institute of Nursing Science

College of Basic Liberal Arts Education

  • Institute of Information Forensic Science

Media School

  • Institute for Communication Arts & Technology

School of Big Data Science

  • Medical Statistics Research Center

School of Nano Convergence Technology

  • Nano Convergence Technology Center

School of Future Convergence

  • Integrative Materials Research Institute

Graduate School of International Cooperation

  • Institute for Global Social Contribution

Institute of School Policy

  • Institute of Aging

  • Center for Climate Change Research

  • Institute of Asian Culture

  • Institute of Japanese Studies

  • Ilsong Institute of Life Science

  • Institute of Natural Medicine

  • Institute of Biotechnology

  • Health & Life Care Institute

Other Institutions

  • Taedong Center for Eastern Classics

  • Institute of Clinical Dentistry