Other Institutions

  • Taedong Center for Eastern Classics Site Quick
    It is an institution that educates Chinese characters which is the basis for understanding the traditional culture of Korea and neighboring countries. Dormitory-based intensive Chinese character education train people with literacy skills of classical literature. In addition, it carries out classic research projects in various fields and regularly publishes research academic collection of dissertations 『Taedong Classic Research』.
  • Institute of Clinical Dentistry
    The Institute of Clinical Dentistry was established in the dental clinic of Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry, Hallym University in order to carry out clinical research related to dentistry, to develop and evaluate new drugs and dental devices, and to establish a basis for fostering dental researchers. It is managed and operated to jointly use the space of advanced research equipment and research space and contributes to the activation of research and education in the field of dentistry.
  • 간호학연구소
    국가 보건의료 환경의 변화로 인한 건강요구의 다양화에 발맞추어 세계적인 추세인 간호전문화를 위한 교육과정 개발 및 평가, 교육방법의 개발, 평가 연구 등 간호의 차별성, 전문성에 대한 연구를 수행합니다. 간호학에 대한 다양한 학술연구를 바탕으로 지역사회에서 다양하게 도전 받고있는 보건의료계의 국민적 요구에 일익을 담당하고자 합니다.