College of Humanities

  • Institute of Russian Studies Site Quick
    The Institute of Russia was newly established in September 2004 to study various issues related to Russian politics, diplomacy, military, economy, international trade, society and culture to promote understanding of these fields and contribute to the development of cooperation between Korea and Russia and peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Gangwon-do, where Hallym University is located, can play a leading role in the establishment of the ‘Pan-East Sea economy’, and it is necessary to establish an academic center linking Russia's Siberian Far East and Gangwon Province from that point of view. While most Russian research institutes in Korea have focused on 'center' such as Moscow, this institute also aims to maximize the preemption effect by focusing on the study of the Siberian Far East and to create a research base that can compete with the metropolitan universities.
  • Institute of Life and Death Studies Site Quick
    Recently, life contempt tendency including rapidly increasing suicide, euthanasia, abortion problems continues to spread in Korea. Moreover, most people end their lives unhappily in fear and anxiety. Thus, in the age of low fertility and aging society, the Institute of Life and Death Studies is doing various activities to form a more desirable death culture.
  • Institute of Humanities
    It was established in 1983 to activate the humanities in an academic crisis today through the comparative study of interdisciplinary studies and local culture and to acquire the new academic position of the humanities through exchange with other disciplines. The old journal 'Humanities Research' is published regularly and symposiums have been held every year since 1999.
  • Hallym Archeology Institute
    It is to promote ground investigation and excavation projects of cultural properties in Gangwon area and develop as a representative organization that can take full charge of archaeological research in Gangwon area based on it. In connection with the museum installed on campus, it plays a central role in the study of cultural properties in the Gangwon area.
  • Hallym Philosophy Education Research Institute
    It plants the realization and advancement of philosophy education through information collection and curriculum development necessary for specialization of philosophy education of our school.
  • Digital Humanities Collaboratory
    The dramatic development of digital technology is a challenge to the humanities, but it is also an opportunity for the humanities to be expanded into the entire society. Digital technology requires humanistic imagination and creativity, and the humanities should be open to the infinite possibilities of the digital. Digital Humanities Collaboratory critically reflects on the information and communication revolution, but also seeks ways for the humanities to break through and develop in all areas of research and education through creative connections with digital technology.
  • Center for Children’s Literature and Education
    Center for Children’s Literature and Education was established in 2014 for the purpose of studying and promoting theories and methods that facilitate effective literature and language education through children’s literature. To realize the purpose, the Center engages in various activities such as holding academic conferences and lectures twice a year, guiding students’ voluntary services for local daycare centers and elementary schools, and supporting <Hallym Children’s Story World> which is a project run by English-major students and financially supported by the LINC of Hallym University.