College of Social Science

  • Institute of International Affairs
    By studying the international issues of various analytical levels and agendas in an academic way, it is to seek the development of international political science with a Korean perspective and based on this, it is to promote the academic contribution for establishing the international political status of Korea and setting the long-term direction of foreign policies.
  • Institute of Forensic Psychology
    Through systematic and in-depth forensic psychology research, it contributes to the improvement of criminal justice procedures as well as the fostering of experts and the scientificization and specialization of law enforcement procedures.
  • Institute of Law Site Quick
    Established as an institution affiliated with Hallym University on March 1, 1990, it is contributing to the legal culture development of Korea by exploring the domestic and foreign theories and practices on law and harmonizing the issues of law theory and practice. The Institute of Law regularly publishes the research findings through the Legal Forum. 
  • Institute of Social Welfare
    The Institute of Social Welfare is a research institute established to ensure the excellence of the social welfare of our university by carrying out academic meetings and research tasks related to the major of Social Welfare Studies. In addition to academic activities, it not only installs and operates a retraining program for social welfare specialists but also actively participates in the practice process of social welfare policies through policy advice on the social welfare sector.
  • Institute of Social Survey
    In modern society, various opinions about various social phenomena are being expressed, and an accurate survey of public opinion is the most basic activity in the policy direction and decision process. The Institute of Social Survey is a research institute that conducts various studies in the field of social survey while performing various research studies especially in the Gangwon community in preparation for the era of decentralization.
  • Institute for Communication Arts and Technology (iCat) Site Quick
    Institute for Communication Arts and Technology (iCat) is one of the best research institutes in the area of media and ICT related social research. In 2015, iCat was awarded a five-year national grant to analyze the Korean models of ICT developments and to bring the models to the international attention and discussions for further theoretical engagements. The institute’s research activities involve multiple dimensions of ICT and media developments including national policies, business performances, consumer responses, etc. Diverse approaches and perspectives based on humanities and social sciences are widely employed in the interdisciplinary collaboration. International exchanges and interactions are also actively pursued at the institute. For more information, visit our website at:

    It is a practical academic research institute that links production and research of media field. It is carrying out studies that link research and production through research projects related to media utilization, which are mainly ordered by the government and the media industry. In particular, it focuses on the research and development of experimental contents of new genres suitable for new media through interdisciplinary R&D between Electronics and Communication Engineering, Law and Humanities.
  • Institute of Hallym Applied Psychology
    It is an organization that performs the research in the field of applied psychology such as Clinical/Counseling Psychology, Learning Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Crime Psychology etc. Based on the research findings of each field, it is to train students as experts in the field of applied psychology by providing opportunities for training and practice to conduct research and psychological counseling and consultation while improving the quality of life of local residents through various psychological services to be provided to the community. 
  • Institute of Global Social Responsibility
    The Institute of Global Social Responsibility is an interdisciplinary research, advisory, training, and training organization for international development cooperation, ODA policy, human development, and human rights. The Institute of Global Social Responsibility fosters leaders in the field of human rights and international development cooperation, establishes global partnerships, and conducts interdisciplinary research to strengthen the values of human development, human security, human rights and strategic capabilities.