College of Business Administration

  • Institute of Economy
    It is to improve the understanding of economics by studying and analyzing the overall field of economics. To this end, it is to be actively engaged in active academic exchanges with various economists through economy seminars and publishment of working paper series and also contribute to economic education for students in the department of economics. 
  • Hallym Management Institute
    Hallym Management Institute looks for solutions to problems related to management policy establishment and business management by applying the latest management theory and techniques and also carries out research on individual industries to demonstrate them empirically.
  • Institute of Tourism and Leisure
    It was established in 2003 to establish the right status and identity of the tourism industry on the extension line of tourism and leisure studies, which is a new field of study in modern times and promote sustainable tourism development and culture-oriented lifestyle of modern people. It is to comprehensively study the tourism, leisure and related phenomenon at home and abroad especially in Gangwon-do from the theoretical and practical point of view, and contribute to the healthy development of the tourism and leisure industry in Gangwon area through the academic research results.
  • Center for Health Industry Management
    The Institute of Medical Management leads the pioneering and research of creative and innovative management policies, strategies and paradigm shift to create shared value that encompasses social and economic values in the fields of healthcare, medical and life welfare based on low fertility, aging and low growth environment.