College of Natural Science

  • Institute of Applied Chemistry
    It conducts the analysis of natural substance structure, research on active substanceㆍactivity relationship, research and development of efficient synthesis of physiologically active ingredients. 
  • Institute of Audiology & Speech Pathology
    It was established in March 2001 to conduct research on audiology and speech pathology and to contribute to the promotion of the welfare of the hearing and speech impaired. It is especially working on refresher training of professionals related to hearing and speech disorders, rehabilitation education of the hearing and speech impaired.
  • Institute of Physical Education & Sports Science
    Considering rapidly growing interests on health science in modern society, the scientificization and systematization of exercise cannot be emphasized too much. The Institute of Physical Education & Sports Science is working hard to improve the various aspects of athletic performance while improving the health of community citizens as well as students by creating more effective and professional exercise programs through scientific basis. It also holds seminars and lectures to cultivate professional knowledge about physical education & sports 
  • Korea Nutrition Institute
    It is a research institute that conducts interdisciplinary joint research across the life science including food, nutrition, health, and aging. Using the excellent research personnel of Hallym University related to life science, it is actively conducting joint research by receiving orders for various external research projects including the Korea Research Foundation.
  • Institute of Energy and Environment
    The depletion of fossil fuels and natural resources such as oil and coal accompanying the development of industry is bringing a serious crisis to humanity. In addition, pollutants, such as greenhouse gases, pose a serious threat not only to the survival of humans, but all the living organisms on Earth. The Institute of Energy and Environment is researching and developing a sustainable development model through resource circulation of phosphorus & nitrogen and renewable energy (solar, bioenergy, etc.). We also research and develop integrated and fusion technologies that combine clean water resources and soil, atmosphere protection, and waste management. In addition, through industry-academic collaborative research with companies and local government in energy and environmental fields, we are focusing on energy and environmental policies and technological development and dissemination.
  • 융복합유전체연구소
    Multidisciplinary Genome Institute
    We conduct interdisciplinary joint research to explore various topics of life based on genomic information of organisms, aiming to contribute to the development of high value bioresources through collaborative research with medical institutions and industries by securing the source technology and advanced information analysis technology.