College of Engineering

  • Institute of Information and Electronics Engineering
    In order to contribute to the development of the community along with the development of the discipline through continuous research and development on information, communication, and electronic engineering that will lead the 21st century, it is actively engaged in academic research in the fields of computer, information and communication, semiconductor, medicine, and control engineering with a focus on more than 20 laboratories. In addition to academic activities such as seminars, it is actively participating in academic-industrial cooperation, including joint research and development projects with companies and technical consultation and facility support for companies.
  • Smart Computing Research Center
    We are continuously researching and developing Smart Computing Technology in the field of computer engineering in the modern industry. First, We hold seminars for the development of Smart Computing in the local community. Second, we are conducting Smart Computing research and technology development through national policy research projects, and finally combining industrial research with external service projects.
    Hallym University's Smart Computing Research Center keeps engaging actively in academic and technical exchanges in the field of Smart Computing with active participation in domestic and international seminars.
  • BIT Fusion Research Center
    We are carrying out active research to lead the Biotechnology industry through the combined research and development on Bioinformatics and Bio-IT in the 21st century.
    We hold seminars on Bioinfomatic and Bio-IT, actively engaging in technology and information sharing through bio-fusion research and technology development with national research projects, industry research by external service contracts, and participation in domestic and international seminars.