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PresidentChoongsoo Kim

"Hallym University, a cradle of intelligence pursuing education / research / service for the future"

Hallym aims to contribute to the prosperity and peace of the nation and the world by cultivating human resources with abundant humanity and creativity and promoting academia and culture. To this end, Hallym seeks to educate leaders who will lead the future of our society by cultivating students' broad basic knowledge and in-depth major knowledge. With the goal of becoming a leading world university, Hallym will be a guide to designing and leading the students’ future with a focus on student-centered learning.
Hallym will do its best to develop practical studies for a knowledge based society by pursuing the harmony of traditional historical and cultural consciousness with modern cutting-edge knowledge and to create knowledge and culture required by the times in pursuit of globalization of studies. We will focus on fostering talents who seek universality and convergence to meet the “100-year-old life” and “4th industrial revolution” era.
In addition to Hallym’s global focus we continue to serve the local community, that is Chuncheon City and Gangwon Province where Hallym is located and Korea by acting at the regional level.I would like to ask for the active encouragement and support of all Hallym people including students, faculty members, alumni, Chuncheon citizens and Gangwon-do residents for Hallym University to achieve these goals. 

Educational History

1974 ~ 1979 
University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (Ph.D. in Economics, 1979)
(Major: Econometrics; Labor Economics)

1966 ~ 1973 
Seoul National University (B.A. in Economics, 1973)
(1968~1971: Military Service)

Citations of Merit

Civil Merit Medal (No. 3496)

Order of Civil Merit, Mogron (No. 6040)

Professional History

1979 ~ 1983
Senior Research Associate, Center for Human Resource Research, Ohio State University, U.S.A.

1989 ~ 1991
Vice President, National Institute for Economic System and Information

1991 ~ 1993 
Director, Center for Economic Education, KDI

1993 ~ 1995
Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs, Office of the President

1997 ~ 1998
President, Korea Institute of Public Finance

1998 ~ 2007
Professor, GSP, Kyung Hee University
(Courses taught: Economic Crisis Management; Economic Development Policy of Korea; International Economic Organization)

2002 ~ 2005
President, Korea Development Institute (KDI) and President, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
2007 ~ 2008
President, Hallym(한림; 翰林) University

2008 ~ 2008
Senior Secretary to the President for Economic Affairs, Office of the President
2008 ~ 2010
Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Korea to the OECD
2010 ~ 2014
Governor, Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of Korea
2014 ~ 2015
James Joo-Jin Kim Visiting Professor of Korean Studies, University of Pennsylvania, USA (Courses taught: South Korea: Economy and Policy; South Korea in a Globalized Economy: Present and Future)

The 9th President, Hallym University 

The 10th President, Hallym University