BK21 Plus Interaction Design specialized professional talent development project group

Main tasks

Just as an architect builds a building and a product designer envisions a product, an interaction designer creates new experiences and behaviors in products, services, environments and systems. The Graduate School of Interaction Design is to educate students with diverse backgrounds as interaction designers. It integrates the perspectives and approaches of various fields such as humanities, social sciences, business administration, engineering, design and pursues human-centered design as an educational goal.

▪ Developing high-level practical personnel in the field of interaction design required for interactive product development
▪ Expanding ICT company employment by local college graduates through convergence professional programs
▪ Contributing to the creation and activation of high value-added local creative enterprises

구성원 소개

※ 연락 및 이메일 발송: 033-248-내선번호, 이메일

구성원 소개
소속 부서 성명 직급 주요업무 연락처 이메일
인터랙션디자인 BK21플러스사업단 노기영 교수


1917 gnoh
BK21플러스사업단 인터랙션디자인 정혜선 교수


1725 heis
BK21플러스사업단 인터랙션디자인 황현석 교수


1929 hshwang
BK21플러스사업단 인터랙션디자인 박동진 교수


1920 dongjinpark
BK21플러스사업단 인터랙션디자인 김선정 교수


1835 sunkim
BK21플러스사업단 인터랙션디자인 안지수 연구교수


3316 jahn
인터랙션디자인 BK21플러스사업단 노주희 직원


3315 njh5038