Hallym Academy of Sciences

Main tasks

As an academic research institute representing Hallym University, Hallym Academy of Sciences holds various academic events including Wednesday seminars with domestic scholars.
It was selected as Humanities Korea Support (HK) Project in 2007 and more than 10 full-time researchers are conducting research on the conceptual history of East Asia.
With regard to the conceptual history research, the academy publishes a series of studies, translations, and materials, including a collection of the Korean conceptual history. It plans to expand its research into the digital conceptual history in the future. Also organizing Ilsong Commemoration Service Association honoring the intention of the late Dr. Hoon Deok-sun, the founder of Hallym University, it is conducting academic events such as the Ilsong Award and Ilsong Conference etc.

구성원 소개

※ 연락 및 이메일 발송: 033-248-내선번호, 이메일

구성원 소개
소속 부서 성명 직급 주요업무 연락처 이메일
부속기관 한림과학원 박민경 직원

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◾ 일송기념사업회 업무

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