Hallym Clinical and Translational Science Institute

Main tasks

Hallym Mediation Medicine and Science Research Institute is a research support organization established after the best efforts to improve the national level of science and technology and to contribute to the specialization of industry, academia, institute and competitiveness improvement. The institute not only systematically supports research on campus and in Korea, but also supports experimental work of various industries and research institutes. In addition, it will strive to earn the trust and love of users by establishing a central support system for education and research to enhance university competitiveness and by pursuing training of professionals and research excellence.

The purpose of Hallym University Joint Equipment Center is to establish a central support system for facilities, equipment, tools, and materials in supporting student education activities and professors' research activities to strengthen the links between natural science, medicine, other series and specialized fields and to contribute to the development of education and research by raising the efficiency of manpower, materials, and budget for the stability. 

It also plans to prepare for rapid technological change in advanced science and to improve the quality effect of education and research by purchasing expensive equipment that can be jointly used by each series and development thin the university to secure national competitiveness and to promote joint utilization of equipment and joint research between universities, companies and industry, academia, and institute.

구성원 소개

※ 연락 및 이메일 발송: 033-248-내선번호, 이메일

구성원 소개
소속 부서 성명 직급 주요업무 연락처 이메일
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 박재봉 원장

한림중개의과학연구원 업무 총괄 

2542 jbpark
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 신건탁 팀장

한림중개의과학연구원 업무 전반

2504 ktshin
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 최원용 주임

방사선안전관리 업무 전반

2886 de1839
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 전종훈 직원

생물안전관리 업무 전반 

3452 jhjeon
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 이대현 직원

연구실안전관리 전반

3456 dhlee
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 김영미 연구기금

공동장비 운영
연구원 내 공간 운영 및 관리

3453 dladldi
부속기관 한림중개의과학연구원 윤하나 연구기금

공동(주요)장비 운영 전담

3455 hnyoon