School Bus

Currently, there are school buses operated over four routes to provide convenience for students living in Seoul. Routes to school start at Jamsil, Guri, Cheonho, and Nowon, and two routes are operated to Gangbyeon Station or Guri Station for students returning home.
School Bus Operation Information

Route Information (to school)

Departing from guri

Arrival at university

구리 출발 - 대학 도착 통학버스 시간표
Category Across Guri City hall
(Bus stop)
(Electro Land Bus Stop)
Nonghyup next to Namyangju Registratio Across Namyangju City Hall
(Central Daycare Center)
(in front of Resident Autonomy Center)
1st class 07:00 07:10 07:15 07:20 07:25 08:30~40

Departing from Sports Complex

Arrival at university

종합운동장 출발 - 대학 도착 등교노선 시간표
Category Sports Complex Parking Lot (crosswalk) University
1st class 07:10 08:30~40
2nd class 08:10 09:30~40

Departing from Cheonho

Arrival at university

Departing from Cheonho - 대학 도착 등교노선 시간표
Category Cheonho Station
Exit 6
Gil-dong Station
Exit 2
Myeongil Station
Exit 3
Godeok Station
Exit 4
Sangil Dong Station
Exit 4
Elementar School
Across Sangil
1st class 07:00 07:05 07:11 07:14 07:17 07:24 08:30~40

Departing from Nowon

Arrival at university

Departing from Nowon - 대학 도착 등교노선 시간표
Category In front of Nowon KT Main Gate Guri
(Electro Land Bus Stop)
1st class 06:40 07:10 08:30~40

Route Information

To Gangbyeon Station or Guri Station

강변역 또는 구리역 방면 하교노선 시간표
Category Departure time Transit Destination
Arrive at Gangbyeon Station / Guri Station 13:10 Gangbyeon Station Guri Station
15:10 Guri Station Gangbyeon Station
16:10 Gangbyeon Station Guri Station
17:10 Guri Station Gangbyeon Station
18:10 Gangbyeon Station Guri Station
Gangbyeon Station Cheonho Station
Samil Elementary School → Sangil Dong Station → Godeok Station → Myeongil Station
20:10 Gangbyeon Station Guri Station

School Bus Fare

통학버스 요금 표
Fare amount (unit) 1 time fare Mileage earning points
200,000won 5,500won 5%
150,000won 4%
100,000won 3%
50,000won 2%

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