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A postgraduate student awarded Encouragement Prize

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A postgraduate student at the Graduate School of Physics, has been awarded the Encouragement Prize from the Korean Physics Society during the Autumn Semester in 2017.

Lee Byoung-Wan, who is currently studying at the Graduate School of Physics, Hallym University, was awarded the Paper Encouragement Prize at the autumn meeting of the Korea Physics Society 2017 held on October 25 (Wed) in Kyungju.

The Encouragement Prize is awarded to graduate students who are under the age of 35, as of the deadline, and are thought to be promising among the authors who have published journals internationally in the Korean Physics Society within the last three years.

Lee is studying the spectroscopic characteristics of environmentally friendly lead-free piezoelectric materials. This research theme is a basic research that suggests the possibility of replacing lead-containing materials which are harmful to the environment and it is expected to contribute to the development of eco-friendly devices in the future.

Lee Byoung-Wan has published eight articles as a first author and another eight as a co-author in international journals (SCI 14, Scopus List 2). His achievement is exceptional as a master's student. In particular, he was awarded the Minister of the Future Creation Science Prize (Fundamental Technology Division) in 2015 for his research on the elastic properties of PET polymers published in the Journal of Information Display (Scopus List).

Professor Kho Jae-Hyeon, who is supervising Lee's master's thesis, said, "Mr. Lee Byoung-Wan is good at the preparation of a systematic experimental plan to accomplish a specific research goal, an endless effort to achieve the accuracy of the experiment, and data analysis and presentation." He added that "these qualities helped him achieve the high-quality research results as described above."
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