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Hallym University achieved IEQAS

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Hallym University achieved
IEQAS (International Education Quality Assurance System) Accreditation

Hallym University achieved accreditation through the IEQAS (International Education Quality Assurance System), which has been granted by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, and the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Hallym had become IEQAS-Accredited in 2015-2017 and again put its name on the list of accredited universities.

Accredited status is granted only to those universities who meet the required standards in areas such as internationalization strategies, education level, and management support systems for foreign students.

To achieve accreditation, universities are rigorously evaluated on the basis of △low rate of illegal immigrants △low dropout rate △reasonable rate of tuition for students to bear △high rates of purchased insurance △ the Korean language ability of its foreign students △dormitory availability for new foreign students.

The period for accreditation is from March 2018 to February 2021.

As a result of accreditation, Hallym University will be given preferential treatment in performing administrative procedures for getting student visas as well as in conducting the Global Korea Scholarship Program or other government-funded programs related to globalization. The report of accreditation has been released to the public through the Study in Korea notice of the National Institute for International Education and through the Ministry of Education’s Higher Education Statistics, and this will secure public confidence in Hallym’s international competitiveness.

Dr. Jun-Shik Park, Vice President of the Hallym University Vision and Cooperation Office, commented, “Every Hallym member’s effort to raise the university’s international competitiveness improved the quality of education and helped to establish stable management support systems, and now it has finally paid off. We will try our best to keep developing our international capabilities to higher levels.”

Currently, about 950 foreign students from 40 countries are attending Hallym University.
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