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Enjoy Smart Campus Life at Hallym University!

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Enjoy Smart Campus Life at Hallym University!

Hallym University is working on establishing an innovative smart campus through ICT convergence and Gigabit Wi-Fi system design. As one of the core strategies of Hallym’s development objectives <Vision & Action 2016-2022>, the plan for smart campus aims to create a student-centered mobile service environment that makes everywhere on campus a learning space.

With this view, the university organized Committee for the Establishment of Smart Campus in last July and has pushed forward with ‘Smart Mobility Campus Project’ which reflects the current trend of ICT environment shifting its focus towards mobile devices. With the recent construction of Gigabit wired and wireless network, Hallym Smart Campus which facilitates uninterrupted internet connection both in and out of buildings on campus has been realized. Hallym University also developed its official mobile App and launched the service in part.

Hallym University mobile app for Android and iPhone which was launched on March 1st aimed to provide students and faculty members with well-managed mobile environment that enables to manage school register, conduct course evaluation, see announcements and job information, and use e-learning & webmail service. By the end of September this year, more functions such as a smart card issuing system, mobile student card, mobile registration, electronic attendance management system, library-mobile web interworking system and its related services, electronic payment for food on campus, access to dormitory, and etc. are expected to be added.

Hallym will keep advancing in wired and wireless high-speed network technology, and also lead the way to the sustainable smart campus for the future by successfully developing various services of the official mobile App.
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