Contact Number for Major Complaints

College Academic Affairs Team

단과대학 교학팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
College of Humanities, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-1500
College of Social Studies, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-1700
College of Business Administration, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-1800
College of Natural Science, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-2000
College of Engineering, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-2301
College of Medicine, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-2501
College of Basic Liberal Arts, Academic Affairs Team 033-248-2760
Contact number of each department and administration office

School Affairs Team Academic Affairs Team

교무팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
School register, grades, credit exchange 033-248-1014
School register, change of position and double major, graduation assessment 033-248-1015

College of Basic Liberal Arts, Academic Affairs Team

교양기초대학 교학팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Liberal Arts subjects related (College of Basic Liberal Arts) 033-248-2760
General liberal arts, Core liberal arts 033-248-2759
College English 1, 2, 3, 4 033-248-2756
Reading and Writing, Presentation and Discussion 033-248-2755
Physical Education 033-248-2263
Computer 033-248-2753

Student Support Team

학생지원팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Fast service 033-248-1070
Student ID Issuance, Certificate Issuance, School register change (military leave and general leave), Officially approved leave or absence 033-248-1071
State scholarship, external scholarship 033-248-1062
Campus scholarship, scholarship counseling 033-248-1063
Student Council, Student Activities, Student Events 033-248-1064
Work scholarships, clubs, student loans, student accident insurance, support for students with disabilities 033-248-1065

Employment support center

취업지원센터 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Internship, job courses, job announcement 033-248-1082
Employment training program 033-248-1083
Special lectures on career and employment and 1: 1 individual consulting 033-248-1084
Employment statistics survey, employment counseling 033-248-1081

Student dormitory administrative office

학생생활관 행정실 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Inquiries about dormitory (student dormitory): Reward point / penalty point, education program, worker students, etc 033-259-4701~3

International Education Center

국제교육원 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
TOEIC Program 033-248-2971

Admission management Team

입학관리팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Admission (new admission / transfer) information, preliminary new student 033-248-1302~15

Education Development Center

교육개발센터 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Basic Major Mentoring 033-248-3041
Hallym Smart Campus operation and server management, online lecture 033-248-3043

Student life counseling center

학생생활상담센터 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Counseling and examination acceptance•reservation, special lecture 033-248-3030
Counseling and inspection, Student counseling room 033-248-3031
Happiness Mentoring Program and Sexual Violence Counseling Center 033-248-3032

Hallym Service Center

한림봉사센터 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Social service activities, Service Programs 033-248-1091

Information Computer Center

정보전산원 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Webmail 033-248-2950~1
Integrated Information System 033-248-2960, 2944, 2962, 2950, 2943, 2961, 2963
Student Information System 033-248-2963

Reserve forces regiment

예비군연대 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Civil Defense 033-248-1121

International Exchange Team

국제교류팀 업무, 연락처 안내
Work Phone Number
Exchange with and student attraction from Americas, Europe and Oceania 033-248-1341~2
Exchange with China 033-248-1343
Student attraction and care related 033-248-1344