About Alumni

Hallym University Alumni Association was established on October 19th, 1986 to promote fellowship and friendship among graduating alumni. The association was first started by the graduates from the 4 departments at the university. 

This association has been working hard to maintain cooperation among the Hallym graduates and for the development of the university and of regional branch offices.

Moreover, the alumni association is concentrating on strengthening the alliance between alumni and expanding and revitalizing the organization to become a "small but great" alumni association like the slogan of the university.

The management of the alumni association ensures that the opinions of the alumni are reflected through the executive committee, the standing committee, the board of directors, the extraordinary board of directors, the general meeting, and the extraordinary general meeting.
In addition, we will actively work to become an alumni association with the purpose of expressing opinions about the alumni and strengthening the alliance of each department with the alumni association. These are essential for the development of the alumni association.