Hallym Vision : Mid- to Long-Term Vision and Practical Strategy to become a Top-Notch Global University
(Vision & Action 2016~2022 / Vision & Action 2018~)


VISION 2016~2022 Proclamation

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Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Hallym University is to declare Vision and Action for a new leap.
In order to establish its status as a leading first-class university, Hallym University is to achieve three objectives of advanced talent education, leading global research, community development.

  • Advanced talent education means to educate and cultivate talented people who will lead the advancement of Hallym University and Korea,
  • Leading global research means to live with the world and practice the responsibility of academics that must contribute to the development of the world,
  • Community development is to demonstrate our willingness to prove the proposition that the key to regional development is whether there is a prestigious university by establishing Hallym University’s status as an advanced university.

In order to achieve these three objectives, we chose the four major strategies to form an advanced leading-edge group, practice student-centered education, focus on R&BD innovation and strengthen linkages with local communities and industries.

  • The formation of advanced leading-edge group is an attempt to raise a few elite groups to make them play a role as leaders to lead the development of Hallym University,
  • Student-centered education means to make campus life more rewarding and energetic so that students can enjoy school life while providing education of diversity and excellence so that students with diverse characteristics can show their potential apart from uniform mass education,
  • R&BD innovation means not only raising the quality of research but also promoting the practical use of research by consolidating cooperation with industry,
  • Strengthening links with local communities and industries is a strategy we have chosen to emphasize that the university will act as a community bound together by a common destiny to live and develop with the region where it is located.

In order to practice the above three objectives and four strategies, we selected establishment of the Faculty of Convergence Talent, introduction of Honors Program, establishment of Global Convergence University, mandatory double major, Convergence Characterization of Regional Studies, Campus Life Activation, Strengthening research competitiveness, linking with specialization Advanced industry-university cooperation, promotion of regional cooperation projects, establishment of Smart Campus, administrative services specialization and efficiency etc. Now, we declare Hallym Vision and Action 2016 ~ 2022, which will make a great leap into "a global leading university that cultivates advanced talents."

President Choongsoo Kim