Hallym Vision : Mid- to Long-Term Vision and Practical Strategy to become a Top-Notch Global University
(Vision & Action 2016~2022 / Vision & Action 2018~)


Action 2016~2022

Action 2016~2022

New Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Creating a new department to cultivate interdisciplinary talent through 1:1 education between outstanding professors and students

Required Double major

Systemizing completion of various majors to cultivate interdisciplinary talent who will lead future changes

Introduction of Honors Program

Leading university-wide enhancement by introducing the honors program of an advanced university

New Global Interdisciplinary College

Leading university globalization with the College of International Studies and College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary characteristics of regional studies

Cultivating interdisciplinary talent who can satisfy the geopolitical conditions of a community by specializing in regional studies

Reinforcement of research competitiveness

Maximizing research competence through focused support on research-leading groups, specialization of graduate schools, and activation of interdisciplinary research

Advancement of academic- industrial cooperation connected through specialization

Promoting local industry through specialization in biomedical and healthcare services, and introducing an academic-industrial education system connection

Activation of campus life

Invigorating student activities and establishing a residential college by building a student-centered campus

Establishment of smart campus

Building a student-centered campus through enhanced academic information and integrated operation of administrative intranet via mobile

Specialization and efficiency of administrative services

Strengthening the expertise of the facility through CDP and increasing the efficiency of administration by improving personnel and evaluation systems

Promotion of regional cooperative projects

Pursuing co-development of university and region by using advantages of a local community such as promotion of the DMZ international conference