Hallym Vision : Mid- to Long-Term Vision and Practical Strategy to become a Top-Notch Global University
(Vision & Action 2016~2022 / Vision & Action 2018~)


College's Vision

College of Humanities

Cultivating creative talents with humanistic knowledge and global civic awareness

Participating in interdisciplinary majors and the local university specialization project (CK-1)
Substantializing a process of interdisciplinary cooperation
Newly establishing interdisciplinary liberal arts and majors

College of Social Science

Cultivating objective talent with the interdisciplinary potential desired by society

Expanding career Strengthening education and field internships
Operating a contact-type career guidance system that is customized for each department
Developing region - focused interdisciplinary educational courses and introducing an interdisciplinary double major system

College of Business

Cultivating talented students with interdisciplinary competence / specialized knowledge

Operating compulsory double major and interdisciplinary curriculum based on big data
Cultivating specialists through a track system
Invigorating a research institute under the College of Business

College of Natural Sciences

Cultivating field-focused specialists with an aptitude for natural, health and life sciences

Compulsory double major system: double major/interdisciplinary studies
Developing business- centered educational courses and reinforcing laboratory tests
Invigorating research institutes and R&BD, and establishing an industry- university system

College of Engineering

Cultivating engineers who can lead in the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Improving educational courses that reflect field-focused, hands-on requests
Reforming curricula according to compulsory double major and development of multidisciplinary courses
Establishing infrastructures that can invigorate creative, self-directed learning through a practical, field- focused environment

College of Medicine

Cultivating global medical personnel with abundant humanity and creative intelligence

Developing a future - oriented intermediate research group/invigorating a nursing research institute
Reinforcing student- centered education and humanistic education/ outcome -based education
Invigorating community services and international exchange

College of General Education

Promoting basic competency of students to cultivate talented people with abundant humanity and creativity

Balanced development of knowledge, virtue and strength
Basic liberal education that focuses on communication
Promoting practical and extensive knowledge