Action 2018~


Strengthening undergraduate degree programs
through mandatory double majors and integrated studies in preparation for the era of the 4th industrial revolution
Reinforcing general education
with an emphasis on humanity, creativity and universal values
Boosting the competitiveness of graduate schools
to conduct multi-disciplinary, School-centered research of global quality


Glocalizing industry-academia cooperation
to lead community development, create jobs, encourage startups and develop new growth engines

Creating an industry-academia convergence complex
to foster community-specific industries and incubate startups with local talents
Bolstering social innovation and design capabilities
to promote mutual growth between the community and university


Strengthening global capabilities
by offering world-class education through the Faculty of Global Integrated Studies and the Graduate School of Global Cooperation
Expanding the Global Korean Studies program
by seeking dual degree programs with foreign universities and developing Hallyu (Korean wave) contents
Promoting global research collaboration
by actively supporting joint research projects of global quality
Spearheading international cooperation projects
to promote peace and prosperity in East Asia

Means to Ends

Revitalizing campus life
through student club & volunteer activities, intramural sports leagues, and a mental health care system
Building a smart campus
via wired & wireless network servers, mobile campus, electronic attendance  register, and electronic access to library & student center
Offering professional & efficient administrative services
through CDP(career development path) programs for administrative staff, education & training, and flexibility in organizational reform