College & School’s Vision

    College of Humanities  [ Dean : Kim, Bunn      ☎1501 ]

    Cultivating talented students in humanities and global citizenship

    College of Social Sciences  [ Dean : Cho, Ji-Hyun      ☎1701 ]

    Developing creative talents that can respond to the changing times and social needs and can connect the region with the world

    College of Business  [ Dean : Jeon, Ho Seong      ☎1801 ]

    Cultivating multidisciplinary human resources with global outlooks and integrative abilities

    College of Natural Sciences  [ Dean : Kim, Dong-Jin      ☎2001 ]

    Training outstanding field experts in natural science, healthcare, and life science

    School of Software  [ Dean : Ko, Young-woong       ☎2302 ]

    Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution and fostering SW CODEs(Community-Oriented multi-Disciplinary Experts)

    College of Medicine  [ Dean : Seo, Sangwon      ☎2504 ]

    Developing global medical talents with humanity and competence

    School of Nursing  [ Dean : Shin, Dong-soo      ☎2723 ]

    Training future-oriented nursing talents

    Faculty of Global Integrated Studies  [ Dean : Jo, Chang-ik      ☎2481 ]

    Pursuing knowledge alliances and strategic global partnerships

    Liberal Arts School  [ Dean : Kim, Yongsoo      ☎2751 ]

    Cultivating creative talents to meet the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution era

    Media School  [ Dean : Ju, Young-kee      ☎1925 ]

    Cultivating media talents to lead social decision-making and cultural well-being

    School of Nano Convergence Technology  [ Dean : Jang, Moon-gyu       ☎2362 ]

    Fostering 21st-century leaders of semiconductor-display convergence based on nanotechnology

    School of Big Data Science  [ Dean : Park, Hyun-suk       ☎2036 ]

    Training specialists in hyper-connected data

    School of Future Convergence  [ Coordinator: Kim, Yongsoo      ☎1538 ]

    Offering multidisciplinary tracks for leaders of future society